The hardware on the OST

Hardware OST (aircraft fasteners)Our company supplies aviation metalwares, conforming the Industrial Standard (OST) and State Standard (GOST).

Our metalwares, conforming the Industrial Standards have a high level of quality, reliability and durability. All products of “Arzamas-Metiz” are certified.

The main range of aircraft normals supplied by “Arzamas – Metiz”, LLC is presented on the Internet page.


Aircraft fastenersThe company “Arzamas Metiz” offers affordable aviation fasteners of high quality in a wide range.

In aviation, widely used aircraft fasteners and such hardwares are very demanding. “Arzamas Metiz” offers high quality fasteners which fully comply all the standards.Currently there are certain State Standards and Industry standards for aircraft fasteners.The hardware on the OST

The company “Arzamas Metiz” exactly follows these regulations and meet the Standards, offering its customers only high quality and inexpensive types of aviation fasteners. Here you will be able to choose various sundries, bolts, washers, rivets and other fasteners in the most widest range.

Undoubted advantage of our offer is the high quality of products. We offer quality guarantee and all the necessary supporting documents confirming full compliance of the applicable fastener standards to all our customers. We managed to increase the quality of the products by carrying out upgrading our production equipment. This completely eliminates the possibility of defect and all aircraft fasteners are manufactured with full conformity to State Standard (GOST).

Our aircraft fasteners made of high strength hardened steel or aluminum alloys which are characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion. The materials used for the manufacture of such aircraft fasteners and possible spraying attachment are fully specified to the Industry Standards. Acquiring these fasteners in the company “Arzamas Metiz”, you can be sure in its high quality.We offer our clients affordable prices which allow to save money while buying  necessary fasteners.

This value is combined with the high quality of our fasteners. We can select the best option for you and offer most affordable prices. If necessary, we provide customers with all the accompanying paperwork, certificates and provide warranty on our fasteners. Here you can buy different hardwares, which are widely used in the aviation industry.

The range of aircraft fasteners supplied by “Arzamas-Metiz”, LLC is constantly expanding.

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